Andy Reid to coach the Raiders

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True enough Andy Reid has yet to be fired, but we all know what’s coming. It’s the cycle of coaching in the NFL, Andy and Philly need a change of scenery. Andy needs to return to the pacific time zone where he started his rise to fame in coaching. Philly needs a new face on the sidelines running the show, John Gruden anyone?


Before we get off track talking about Chucky leaving the comforts of the MNF booth for the side lines, let’s look at how natural Andy Reid would look in the Silver and Black.  We all know the Dennis Allen era is over in Oakland, and we all know they need a leader who has been there and done that. We also know Oakland is loaded with talent, just like the 49ers were when Jim Harbaugh stepped in and took them from 6-10 to 1 play away from the Super Bowl. Am I saying Andy Reid can instantly turn around the Raiders?  YES!!! Will he bring them to the Super Bowl next season? No.  What he will do is change the culture in Oakland back to a winning team, back to a team people don’t want to play.



It must also be mentioned that the existing talent on the Raiders suits Andy’s coaching style. No I’m not talking about Palmer or Leinart, think Terrelle Pryor. Think Donovan McNabb and Mike Vick, Andy did great things with these Mobile strong armed QB’s, just image what he could do with Terrelle Pryor and a good Defensive Coordinator.






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Jerry Jones is INSANE!

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Therefore Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones is clinically insane.  Everyone wants to know what’s wrong with the Cowboys, well it’s Jerry Jones!

First off this isn’t personal and I need to point out that Jerry is a great horse trader and businessman, however he is a lousy G.M.  Let’s look at his track record after the team that Jimmy Johnson built.  It took Jerry 13 years to win a playoff game! And then he fired the coach who did it 8 months later midseason so they could go 6-10.  Followed by a 8 – 8 season of mediocrity where the could have made the playoffs but laid an egg in the final game of the season.

Jerry even said he would fire the GM if it wasn’t himself. That is a quote from someone who is insane!  Jerry Jones claims he wants to win more super bowls, but he is not willing to put his ego down and hire a capable GM to do it. Pure Madness!

Jerry is a lot like the late Al Davis, except Jerry doesn’t know squat about football. Until Jerry is willing to step down as the GM, the Cowboys will only see Super Bowls when they are hosted at their stadium.

Evan Money is a Bestselling Author & NFL Life Coach.

Troy Polamalu to retire this season! 2012

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Fist off, I’m a huge fan of Troy Polamalu, soft speaking and hard hitting! He had a great season last year with some impressive stats, 91 tackles 64 solo and he played in all 16 regular season games.

So why is Troy going to retire? Good question! If you have ever seen or heard an interview with Troy, you know that football is not the most important thing in his life. Combine that with his two super bowl rings, 10 years of wear & tear on his body and there you have it.

Remember when Barry Sanders retired after his 10th year? He was very similar to Troy in many ways, soft spoken but dynamic on the field and football wasn’t everything to Barry either.

If your still not convinced, just look at how Troy is playing this year. Something isn’t right, he doesn’t have the eye of the tiger. So Steelers fans, don’t say you were not warned about Troys early departure from the NFL.

Evan Money is a Best Selling Author & NFL Life Coach